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Celebration Assembly

Celebration Assembly


Well done to all children mentioned in our celebration assembly this week.

Monday 12th November 2018


Gabriele Ivasauskaite - For her beautiful poppy picture and fantastic spellings.

Harry McEwan - For always trying his best and having a smile on his face.

Harry Conlon - For his brilliant More Than, Less Than and Equals Maths work.

Shane Everitt - For his positive attitude to learning.

Courtney Schofield - For her fantastic spellings.

Lola Walker - For her spectacular bonfire artwork.

Frances Dalton - For trying hard in her writing.

Bobbie Whatley - For her brilliant spellings.

Megan Naylor - For adding two numbers in her maths work.

Max Guilliam - For always contributing his ideas on the carpet.

Leah Rowlinson - For her fantastic spellings.

Esme Goddard - For her brilliant gingerbread men instructions.

Elisabeth Cawthorne - For her fantastic gingerbread men instructions.

Tiana Roberts - For always trying hard with her work.


Monday 22nd October 2018


Tom Dewsnap - For his fantastic Great Wall of China picture.

Coby Gilbank - For his super reading and for always trying his best.

Demi Ridgway - For her fabulous spellings.

Marley Booth - For writing a fantastic story.

Alfie Ford - For his brilliant handwriting.

Rosabella Bazari - For her great spellings.

Amelia Morgans - For her super tiger print picture.

Alfie Cockayne - For his improved handwriting and positive attitude to learning.

Danni-Ella Woodburn - For her great spellings.

Amelia Marriott - For her brilliant animal map.

Jasmine Hayselden - For being resilient in her reading comprehension.

Mia Relf - For her fantastic Great Wall of China picture.

Max Guilliam - For his super spellings.


Monday 15th October 2018


Keira-Leigh Oxtoby - for her great data handling.

Mason Gilbank - for being kind and thoughtful.

Ruby Harris - for her fabulous spellings.

Evie Foster - for her brilliant attitude and enthusiasm.

Chelsie W - for super instructions to make Chinese noodles.

Isaac Bailey-Goddard - for his great spellings.

Jordan Junior-Richardson  - for his work on how to look after a hamster.

Frances Dalton - for trying hard to form letters correctly.

Niamh Brooks - for her amazing spellings last week.

Ruby Brearley - for her super lion painting.

Ellie Jones - for being resilient in art.

Lexi Walsh - for labelling characters from Jack & the Beanstalk.

Alfie Meanley - for trying really hard to blend CVC words on a magnetic board.


Monday 8th October 2018


Helesha McDermott - for her differences between the rainforest in Brazil and Rosehill Park, Rawmarsh comparison work.

Sophia Cowen  - for being a good partner in topic work.

Cameron-Lee Haywood - for his fantastic spellings last week.

Kayson Stead - for his Mr Elephants story.

Rosabella Bazari - for her great spellings.

Chelsie W - for her fantastic attitude to learning.

Charlea Underwood - for her fantastic instructions on how to look after a dog.

Kailan Denver - for trying really hard and getting onto gold on the traffic lights.

Hannah Quhill - for her instructions on how to look after a dog.

Kadie-Mae Bessey - for her fantastic spellings.

Molly Oxer - for trying hard with her letter formation.


Monday 1st October 2018


Alfie Brooks - for always trying hard with his work.

Benjamin Astley - for getting all his spellings correct and practising them at home.

William Arnold - for his positive attitude to learning and his sunny nature.

Marshall Denver - for his super spellings!

Charlotte Wray - for working hard and answering questions in class.

Alesha Sales - for working hard to get full marks in her spellings test and using them in her writing.

Evie Ferrett - for really trying hard to improve her handwriting.

Laila Brightman - for working hard on her spellings.

Amelia Hulse - for her great carnival costume picture.

Emily Higgins - for her drawing of Christ the Redeemer.

Rowan Marshall - for his writing work.

Georgina Graham - for her fantastic riddle.


Tuesday 19th September 2018


Thomas Booth - for his fantastic report about Pakistan.

Max Kay - for his excellent listening skills and answering questions in English.

Marley Booth - for his super report about Pakistan.

Charlie Rhodes - for having a positive attitude to learning.

Kiezen-Rio Hague - for his great spellings last week.

Isaac Gostling - for his doubling number work.

Lola Walker - for trying really hard with her writing.

Harry Kirk - for fantastic spellings last week.

Darcy Spooner - for her recount of events in class.

Riley Pierpoint - for his fantastic knowledge about animals from the Yorkshire Wildlife Park visit. 

Emily Allen - for her great spellings last week.



Tuesday 10th September 2018


Sofia Rafiq - for concentrating really hard when working at the table.

Alan Ludziak - for his partitioning numbers in maths.

Molly-Rose Foulds - for her lovely postcard to Mrs Blythe.

Rowan Okundaje - for his positive attitude and excellent start to Y2.

Lexi Booth - for her 5 senses science work.

Eliza Merrick - for always being ready to learn.

Blake Myers - for his 1 more/1 less maths work.

Georgina Graham - for always remembering her manners.


Tuesday 4th September 2018


Rae Simmons - for her lovely dragon picture from the Paper Bag Princess.

Freddy Grimshaw - for always listening and doing the right thing.

Jack Hammerton - for a fantastic character description of the paper bag princess.

Alesha Sales - for excellent attitude to learning.

Marley Booth - for using spelling patterns in his writing.

Jack Thompson - for his great mental oral maths.

Harry Kirk - for being an 'always always' child.

Ava Ball - for her excellent maths.

Josh Everitt - for his great sitting in class.