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Celebration Assembly

Celebration Assembly


Well done to all children mentioned in our celebration assembly this week.


Monday 13th November 2017


Evie Tingle - for her fantastic report on Remembrance day.

Emily Beard - for always being a positive role model and being ready to learn.

Owen Harvey - for his amazing report about Remembrance day.

Luke Rodgers - for being increasingly independent in all his learning.

Marcus Pease - for always working hard at home to improve his spellings.

Bentley Brown - for fantastic work last week.

Kaitlin Coxon - for following the classroom/carpet rules consistently.

William Arnold - for his fantastic spellings.

Emily Higgins - for her brilliant maths work.

Kiera Oxtoby - for trying really hard in PE.

Henry Barber - for his fantastic dinosaur work.

Benjamin Astley - for trying really hard with his writing.

Alfie Cockayne - for his brilliant dinosaur work.

Niamh Brooks - for trying really hard in phonics.


Monday 6th November 2017


Charlie Rhodes - for his lovely Autumn poetry.

William Arnold - for his fantastic work this week.

Rowan Okundaje - for his great spellings.

Mason Cutts - for his Autumn work.

James Beckham - for being a clever historian.

Ellie Brearley - for her super spellings.

Noah Mason - for her Autumn artwork.

Adem Ozkartel - for his fabulous work this week.

Emily Beard - for her great spellings this week.

Rae Simmons - for her Autumn poem.

Mason Gilbank - for being an 'always always' child.

Charlotte Wray - for her great spellings.

Darcy Spooner - for her lost dinosaur poster.

Josh Everitt - for following instructions in PE and trying really hard.

Lexi Booth - for her great gingerbread men instructions.

Lola Walker - for helping to tidy up outside.


Monday 23rd October 2017


Lilli-Mae Peach - for her super work.

Kelcey Coxon - for being a great role model.

Adem Ozkartel - for his great effort with spellings.

Jessica Arnold - for her harvest prayer.

Thomas Risley - for his lovely harvest festival singing.

Jayden Bell - for great spellings last week.

Alfie Thompson - for independently writing a sentence.

Finlay Jeffrey-Edwards - for trying really hard in class.

Bobby Denver - for his fabulous spellings.

Demi Ridgeway - for settling into school so well and her fantastic maths.

Marium Rahimzad - for her lovely Autumn writing.

Helesha McDermott - for her great effort with spellings.

Ava Ball - for her work on a 'Rangoli' Pattern.

Tahlia Hollen - for always offering to help and a superstar at tidy up time.

Rowan Marshall - for his lovely work on his 'Rangoli' pattern.

Danni-Ella Woodburn - for ordering 3 beanstalks.


Monday 16th October 2017


Macy Matthews - for her lovely drawing of a polar bear.

Arran Sanderson - for his improved handwriting.

Kelcey Coxon - Spelling star of the week.

Marcus Pease - for his great instructions on Chinese noodles.

Kendall Housman - for always having a positive attitude.

Owen Harvey - for his spellings this week.

Eva Brookes - for her neat handwriting.

Amelia Hulse - for trying hard in Read, Write, Inc.

Charlie Rhodes - for great spellings.

Tom Dewsnap - for improving in writing.

Freddie Grimshaw - for his mental maths skills.

Emily Higgins - for her fantastic spellings.

Hannah Quhill - for her creative work this week.

Henry Barber - for always trying hard and listening in phonics.

Grace Sherwood - for her beanstalk work.

Frances Dalton - for writing her name using entry strokes.


Monday 9th October 2017


Rihanna Beard - for her amazing maths work.

Maisie Fearon - for working independently in maths.

Lilli-Mae Peach - for her fantastic spellings.

Ruby Bates - for her great geography comparison.

James Beckham - for working hard on his art work even when it was tricky.

Bayan Najjar - for his fantastic spellings.

Harry Conlon - for her instruction writing.

Alfie Thompson - for his good attitude to his learning.

Courtney Schofield - for her great spellings this week.

Oliver Hughes - for getting 5 out of 5 on his maths challenge.

Rae Simmons - for always trying hard with her work.

Megan Naylor - for her story map picture.

Ava Mimms - for her show me 5 on the carpet.

Shay Turner - for his great shape picture.

Jordan-Junior Richardson - for his lovely neat handwriting.


Monday 2nd October 2017


Rihanna Mustafa-Beard - for her picture of a Rio carnival dancer.

Darci Sutton - for using a dictionary to help her with her spellings.

Summer Stephenson - for her picture of 'Christ the Redeemer'.

Isabel Brewer - for always trying to help others in the classroom.

Peyton Berry - Class 2 spelling star of the week.

Georgia Rigby - for her lovely neat writing.

Kaysan Stead - for his improved behaviour.

Bentley Brown - Class 3 spelling star of the week.

Leo Trueman - for his fantastic maths work.

Cameron-Lee Haywood - for having a positive can do attitude.

Jasmine Hayselden - for writing her name with entry strokes.

Kadie-Mae Bessey - for her good listening and trying her best on the carpet.

Evie Ferrett - for her collage of a goat.

Laila Brightman - for writing her name with entry strokes.


Monday 25th September 2017


Emily Beard - for her non-chronological report about Islam.

Lill-Mae Peach - for learning all her spellings.

Cody Graham - for being helpful and keeping the classroom tidy.

Georgia Taylor - for tying hard to get as many spellings as possible.

Rylan Coxon - for his art work of a mosque and positive attitude towards his learning.

Rowan Okunade - for his excellent piece of writing.

Bobby Denver - for his very good spellings.

Bentley Brown - for his great carpet sitting and listening.

Leah White - for knowing the bonds to ten.

Gabriele Ivasauskaite - for always trying hard with her spellings.

Tahlia Hollen - for practising capital letters.

Georgina Graham - for reading lots at home.

Jack Sheridan - for his fantastic art work.

Jack Thompson - for trying really hard in phonics.


Tuesday 19th September 2017

Alyssa Coxon - for always doing the right thing and working really hard in class.

Georgia Taylor - for her lovely work on 'What do we know about the United Kingdom?'.

Eliza Merrick - for having a great week at school and settling in well with no tears.

Danny-Jai Griffiths - for his 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears work'.

Marley Booth - for his fantastic subtraction work.

Mia Relf - for her great doubling work.

Denver Hempshall - for his fabulous manners at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

Evie Tingle - for her lovely singing in assembly.

Max Guilliam - for his great listening ears this week at carpet time.

Ava Ball - for her great computer work in class.

Kelcey Coxon - for her fantastic mathematics work.