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Celebration Assembly

Celebration Assembly


Well done to all children mentioned in our celebration assembly this week.


Monday 25th June 2018


Darci Sutton - for her fantastic story about the magic shell.

Adam Swallow - for always having a positive attitude.

Evie Foster - for her amazing story about the magic shell.

Isabel Brewer - for her excellent attitude in everything she does.

Scarlett Spencer - for her brilliant spellings.

Kiezen-Rio Hague - for overcoming his fears at Conisbrough Castle.

Demi Ridgeway - for her super character description of the Giant.

Oliver Hughes - for being very sensible and answering questions on the trip to Conisbrough Castle.

Rhys Luchman - for his book about Eid.

Megan Naylor - for being really kind and helpful to others.

Oliver Willows - for super writing about why we celebrate Eid.

Jack Sheridan - for really trying hard with his writing.


Monday 11th June 2018


Kelcey Coxon - for trying really hard in maths.

Noah Bailey-Goddard - for being an 'always always' child.

Zeyaa Earl - for her fantastic spellings.

Kendall Housman - for her recount of her visit to the 'Deep'.

Ellie Brearley - for working with greater independence during whole class

William Arnold - for his maths problem solving.

Macey Bradford - for her positive attitude in maths.

Harry Conlon - for applying spellings in his writing.

Alesha Sales - for her maths on division.

Ruby Harris - for doing some fantastic reading.

Cameron Haywood - for his fabulous spellings.

Ruby Brearley - for trying really hard to extend her sentences when writing a story.

Jak Godfrey - for excellent focus and super 'art work.

Oliver Willows - for his great writing.


Wednesday 23rd May 2018


Cody Graham - for her super Tinga Tinga artwork.

Rylan Coxon - for his amazing maths skills.

Zeyaa Earl - for her great spellings.

Jayden Bell - for his magic Tinga Tinga book.

Ryan Cunningham - for his resilient with his clay work.

Lexie Bowen - for her great spellings.

Charlie Rhodes - for his independent maths work.

Jack Hammerton - for trying his best in all his work.

Amelia Hulse - for her great spellings.

Oliver Hughes - for his super maths work.

Ella Peach - for her resilience painting the zebra.

Alan Ludziak - for his great spellings.

Benjamin Astley - for his instructions to make an African fruit skewer.

Freddie Platton - for fantastic enthusiasm in PE.

Bobbie Whatley - for her super instructions to make an African fruit skewer.

Charlea Underwood - for trying hard to follow instructions.


Tuesday 8th May 2018


Evie Tingle - for her super letter to Prince Harry.

Lilli-Mae Peach - for always trying hard and contributing to class discussions.

Macy Matthews - for her great spellings.

Osaze George - for his non-chronological report about Kenya.

Peyton Berry - for always being an excellent role model in class.

Ruby Bates - for improving his writing.

Jayden Bell - for his fantastic letter to Prince Harry.

Evie Foster - for her independent writing.

Jack Hammerton - for his brilliant spellings.

Cameron-Lee Haywood - for finding 1/4's of numbers in maths.

Sophia Cowen - for fantastic understanding in her reading.

Sofia Rafiq - for super spellings.

Max Guillam - for his writing about Handa's Surprise.

Alfie Brookes - for always trying his hardest.

Keira Guest - for great writing about Handa's surprise.

Rowan Marshall - for always doing the right thing in class.



Monday 30th April 2018


Emily Beard - for a fantastic report about African Animals.

Macy Matthews - for independently using resources for learning.

Darci Sutton - for her fantastic spellings.

Georgia Taylor - for her positive attitude to learning.

Luke Rodgers - for his non chronological report on African Animals.

Ryan Cunningham - for his great spellings.

Amelia Hulse - for her fantastic report about the UK.

Alfie Thompson - for trying hard with his handwriting.

Courtney Schofield - for her fabulous spellings.

Chelsie Woolhouse - for trying really hard with her maths and adding using base 10.

Alan Ludziak - for trying hard with his reading and blending sounds.

Ella Peach - for great spellings this week.

Georgina Graham - for fabulous Gerald's Dance story.

Ava Ball - for fabulous writing and trying hard with her numeracy.

Laila Brightman - for her fantastic written work.

Rose-Mae Arnold - for trying really hard with green words in phonics.


Monday 23rd April 2018


Jackson O'Malley - for his fact sheet about elephants.

Ellie-Mae Crabtree - for always having a positive attitude towards learning.

Noah Bailey-Goddard - for his fantastic spellings.

Isabel Brewer - for her resilience and hard work on missing number sentences.

Marcus Pease - for always being an excellent role model.

Summer Stephenson - for her improved spelling results.

Rosabella Bazari - for her pancake instructions.

Amelia Hulse - for always putting her hand up to answer questions.

Chelsie Woolhouse - for her fantastic spellings.

Thomas Booth - for his clear instructions and lovely handwriting.

Max Kay - for his improved handwriting.

Demi Ridgeway - for great spellings.

Jak Godfrey - for a super route map to school.

Jasmine Hayselden - for being a fantastic helper and very brave.

Charlea Underwood - for her excellent writing about chicken.

Harry Kirk - for fabulous reading. 


Monday 16th April 2018


Noah Bailey-Goddard - for his great crocodile writing.

Archie Oates - for improving his attitude to learning.

Darci Sutton - for her fabulous spellings.

Peyton Berry - for her crocodile character profile.

Ellie Brearley - for her work on reading and inference.

James Beckham - for his great spellings.

Kiezen-Rio Hague - for his elephant work.

Kaitlin Coxon - for trying hard with her writing.

Georgia Rigby - for her great spellings.

Sophia Cowen - for her fantastic letter to Handa.

Demi Ridgeway - for her improved handwriting.

Mariam Rahimzad - for her brilliant spellings.

Alfie Brookes - for using full stops, finger spaces and capital letters in his writing.

Emily Allen - for being really brave at the animal roadshow.

Jacob Ferrier - for painting a great daffodil picture.

Oliver Willows - for trying hard with reading.


Monday 12th March 2018


Scarlett Beech - for her work on finding the missing numbers in maths.

Rihanna Beard - for always trying her best in everything she does.

Miley Stephenson - for her fantastic spellings.

Jessica Arnold - for her super pizza instructions.

Kendall Housman - for always doing the right thing and being helpful.

Owen Harvey - for his fantastic spellings.

Bobby Denver - for his character description on Superman.

William Arnold - for always being polite and using his manners.

Phoebe Bacon - for her fantastic spellings.

Harry McEwan - for his fabulous character description of Superman.

Sofia Rafiq - for always willing to share ideas and answer questions on the carpet.

Ruby Harris - for her fabulous spellings.

Amelia Marriott - for her picture and writing 'The Gruffalo'.

Darcy Spooner - for always trying her best in everything she does.

Jordan Junior-Richardson - for his fantastic painting.

Amelia Morgans - for her brilliant reading. 


Monday 26th February 2018


Archie Oates - for his self portrait.

Jackson O'Malley - for his excellent skills in P.E.

Scarlett Beech - for her excellent spellings.

Rylan Coxon - for his 1/2 and 1/2 portrait.

Junior Taylor - for working hard in literacy to improve his writing.

James Beckham - for his spelling scores and his great learning.

Amelia Hulse - for writing her instructions.

Courtney Schofield - for trying really hard in literacy.

Darcie Marriott - for trying really hard in her spelling test.

Freddy Grimshaw - for his brilliant division work.

Rae Simmons - for always being 1st ready and always trying hard.

Tom Dewsnap - for being spelling star of the week in class.

Emiy Allen - for great writing about her pet cat.

Ruby Brearley - for trying really hard and showing lots of enthusiasm in phonics.

Jack Thompson - for writing a great piece all about his bedroom.

Oliver Keeton - for his fantastic writing.


Monday 19th February 2018


Noah Bailey-Goddard - for his fantastic Great Fire of London recount.

JJ Lee Coney - for always contributing to class discussions.

Lexi Woolhouse - for her great spellings.

Jessica Arnold - for her fabulous Great Fire of London newspaper recount.

Evie Foster - for settling well into class 2.

Ryan Cunningham - for working hard to improve his spellings.

Alan Ludziak - for his maths learning. and making amounts using coins.

Emily Moore - for trying to write her sentences independently.

Isaac Bailey-Goddard - for trying really hard in his spelling test.

Ella Peach - for her maths learning and making amount using different coins.

Jermaine Waller-Quinn - for setting into class 4 and listening carefully.

Hannah Quhill - for super writing about where she lives.

Lamar Najjar - for trying hard to listen and follow instructions in PE.

Isaac Gostling - for his pizza design.

Kailan Denver - for trying hard to form his letters correctly.


Monday 5th February 2018


Ethan Allsopp - for his fantastic character description of Sir William Petty.

Evie Tingle - for using her skills learnt in reciprocal reading.

Alyssa Coxon - for her super picture of King Charles.

Jessica Arnold - For working hard in everything.

Ruby Bates - for her improved spellings in her written work.

Rosabella Bazari - for her wanted poster of Captain Blackbeard.

Shane Everitt - For trying really hard with his reading.

Emily Moore - for trying hard with her spellings.

Gabriele Ivasauskaite - for her wanted poster of Captain Blackbeard.

Helesha McDermott - for trying really hard with her writing.

Max Kay - for being able to spell most of year 1 spellings.

Archie Bacon - for writing letters in his name.

Theo Thompson-Smith - for improved listening skills.

Amelia Morgans - for her fantastic painting.

Amirah Renshaw-Ali - for trying really hard in phonics.


Tuesday 30th January 2018


Adam Swallow - for his lovely writing and character descriptions.

Ellie Brearley - for her fantastic maths work.

Lexi Woolhouse - for settling into school routines really well.

Ellie Brearley - for her super picture of a house from 1666 - The Great Fire of London.

Ruby Bates - for staying focused on writing and working hard.

Chelsie Woolhouse - for her independent writing and working hard.

Bentley Brown - for his positive attitude on the carpet to learning.

Mason Cutts - Spelling star of the week.

Casey-Leigh Walker - for really trying hard with spellings.

Emily Higgins - for her super maths worded problems.

Ruby Harris - for fantastic reading.

Rae Simmons - for her great spellings.

Blake Myers - for his picture and writing 'what I did at the weekend'.

Molly Oxer - for being kind to other children and taking turns.

Harry Kirk - for his painting of an ambulance.

Lexi Spencer - for trying really hard to write her name.


Monday 15th January 2018


Arran Sanderson - for his fantastic sketch of Sir William Petty.

Darci Sutton - for being a positive role model.

Kendall Housman - for her fantastic fire poem.

Ryan Cunningham - for his improved resilience when answering questions in reading.

Alyssa Coxon - for listening to advice and using word banks to help improve spellings.

Darcie Marriott - for her independent maths ordering numbers.

Kiezen-Rio Hague - for being on gold everyday last week and positive behaviour.

Courtney Schofield - for his brilliant spellings.

Max Kay - for his excellent missing numbers maths work.

Charlotte Wray - for always helping other children.

Sophia Cowen - for great spellings last week.

Freya Wild - for her road safety rules.

Leah Rowlinson - for fantastic reading and working hard with her handwriting.

Frances Dalton - for her road safety rules.

Bobbie Whatley - for her writing efforts. 


Monday 8th January 2018


Adem Ozkartal - for his writing on the Christmas story.

Macy Matthews - for her improved confidence.

Evie Tingle - for her fantastic spellings.

Marcus Pease - for a great version of the Christmas story

Summer Stephenson - for her great poetry ideas.

Jessica Arnold - for her spellings and for being so accurate she is ready for her next set.

Phoebe Bacon - for her monster ICT picture.

Osaze George - for his great listening and concentration.

Marley Booth - for starting Y2 spellings.

Helesha McDermott - for trying hard to make her handwriting neat.

Mia Relf - for her great spellings.

Marium Rahimzad - for trying hard in PE and working as a team.

Jasmine Hayselden - for her dinosaur collage.

Grace Bell - for trying really hard in phonics.

Eliza Merrick - for independently making her dinosaur egg.

Alfie Cockayne - for trying hard with addition number sentences.


Monday 4th December 2017


Emily Beard - for her recount of Christmas enterprise week.

Scarlett Beech - for trying really hard on her reading.

Robert Miller - for being so sensible in singing practise.

Isabel Brewer - for always getting her spellings correct  and using this in her writing.

Georgia Rigby - for joining in during singing practise.

Alesha Sales - for having a good go at her spellings.

Mia Relf - for trying hard to make 20p in different ways.

Harry McEwan - for doing the right thing and trying hard with his work.

Mason Gilbank - for trying hard with his spellings.

Darcy Spooner - for her great enterprise poster.

Blake Myers - for excellent reading and moving up to level 3.

Lexi Booth - for writing about the dinosaur visit.

Kiera Guest - for sounding out words when writing. 


Monday 27th November 2017


Maisie Fearon - for working independently in maths.

Ellie-Mae Crabtree - for always helping to keep the classroom tidy.

Arran Sanderson - for his fantastic spellings this week.

Lexie Bowen - for her great poppy collage.

Jayden Bell - for his fantastic enterprise ideas.

Robert Miller - for working hard at home.

Macey Bradford - for her fantastic writing.

Jack Hammerton - for brilliant spellings.

Marley Booth - for good concentration at the table.

Rae Simmons - for fabulous maths work.

Tom Dewsnap - for trying hard with his writing.

Kiera Oxtoby - for her great spellings.

Theo Thompson-Smith - for great letter formation.

Hannah Quhill - for good listening to instructions in PE.

Oliver Willows - for his fantastic painting of a dinosaur.

Evie Ferrett - for always doing the right thing.


Monday 13th November 2017


Evie Tingle - for her fantastic report on Remembrance day.

Emily Beard - for always being a positive role model and being ready to learn.

Owen Harvey - for his amazing report about Remembrance day.

Luke Rodgers - for being increasingly independent in all his learning.

Marcus Pease - for always working hard at home to improve his spellings.

Bentley Brown - for fantastic work last week.

Kaitlin Coxon - for following the classroom/carpet rules consistently.

William Arnold - for his fantastic spellings.

Emily Higgins - for her brilliant maths work.

Kiera Oxtoby - for trying really hard in PE.

Henry Barber - for his fantastic dinosaur work.

Benjamin Astley - for trying really hard with his writing.

Alfie Cockayne - for his brilliant dinosaur work.

Niamh Brooks - for trying really hard in phonics.


Monday 6th November 2017


Charlie Rhodes - for his lovely Autumn poetry.

William Arnold - for his fantastic work this week.

Rowan Okundaje - for his great spellings.

Mason Cutts - for his Autumn work.

James Beckham - for being a clever historian.

Ellie Brearley - for her super spellings.

Noah Mason - for her Autumn artwork.

Adem Ozkartel - for his fabulous work this week.

Emily Beard - for her great spellings this week.

Rae Simmons - for her Autumn poem.

Mason Gilbank - for being an 'always always' child.

Charlotte Wray - for her great spellings.

Darcy Spooner - for her lost dinosaur poster.

Josh Everitt - for following instructions in PE and trying really hard.

Lexi Booth - for her great gingerbread men instructions.

Lola Walker - for helping to tidy up outside.