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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1


The teachers in class 1 are Mrs Harrison and Mrs Haworth. Mrs Harrison will be teaching Monday-Wednesday and Mrs Haworth will be teaching on Thursday and Friday. The teaching assistant is Mrs Jones and she will be working in class 1 Mon-Fri. Please come in and talk to us if you have any queries / questions.


The children have settled well into the Year 2 routine and are already producing work of a high standard. We’ve been painting self portraits and writing speech bubbles about what we enjoy doing. We’ve also been thinking about our ‘Year 2 goals’ and what we’d like to achieve this year.


Our first topic this term is called ‘Around the World in 40 days’. We will be exploring where we live and what it’s like. We’ll also be exploring different countries such as Rio, China and Pakistan and comparing them to England. Later in the term the children will be learning about inventor of the World Wide Web and how they can communicate using the computer (email).


In English we will be focussing on writing different genres – stories, character profiles, letters and instructions. We’ll begin by focussing on the basics of writing. You can help your child by encouraging them to use capital letters and full stops, writing using the correct letter formation (joining if ready) and using a variety of words to extend their sentences (because, so, but, if, when). We’re also encouraging the children to use adjectives (describing words) in their writing e.g. the tall, handsome prince.


We are looking forward to a wonderful year of learning!


Mrs Haworth & Mrs Harrison