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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4


Next half term, our topic is called ‘Picture this’. All of our work will be based around a picture called ‘The water lily pond’ by Monet. The children will be creating lots of beautiful pieces of artwork to go on display at our school picture this exhibition. We will be using a range of materials such as water coloured paints, ink and plastercine.


In writing, we will be continuing to work on writing different genres and making sure that we include conjunctions and adjectives to make our writing better.


We will be learning about different plants such as wild flowers and garden flowers. We will also be learning about evergreen and deciduous trees and the structure of trees and plants.


In maths, we will be continuing to develop our fluency so that we can answer questions quickly and also work on our reasoning skills by answering different worded problems.


Please continue to read with your child as much as possible as the phonics screen assessment is fast approaching.


Mrs Wright & Mr Butler