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The staff in this class are Mrs Needham and Mrs Richardson. Please feel free to see them if you have any questions or queries.


As part of their ‘Super Humans’ topic, Crocodiles have enjoyed writing reports, instructions and character profiles linked to healthy bodies.


They began by writing reports about how they are all unique. Year 2 children were very lucky when two special visitors arrived in school to see them. Baby Sadie and her grandma came and answered their questions about how babies are cared for so that they could write a report full of interesting facts. Sadie had the most amazing smile and took a real liking to the children! She was a real charmer and a pleasure to meet.


Crocodiles wrote some clear, helpful instructions on how to make healthy tuna wraps. The finished wraps were deliciously tasty and the children enjoyed eating them.


Realising how important it is to take good care of their teeth, Crocodiles wrote instructions on how to clean them properly. By following their fabulous instructions and having regular check-ups with a dentist, we feel sure that they’ll have strong, gleaming teeth for years to come!


To study how our bodies move, the children took part in a mini-olympic event at Rosehill Junior School where they studied bodies in motion.


Next week, we shall be learning about germs and how best to keep them at bay.


Summer Term 1 will see the Crocodiles working on a whole school project called ‘Picture This.’ The project involves schools from around the borough using famous paintings in the classroom to inspire creativity across all subjects. This year’s project features some colourful East African paintings in the Tinga Tinga style. You may already be familiar with some of the Tinga Tinga Tales from the BBC’s CBeebies series.


As you know, this half term is the time when children in Year 2 get the chance to put all the skills they have learned into practice as they carry out their Key Stage 1 assessments. This project is sure to capture the imaginations and inspire the learning of The Crocodiles as they write reports, recounts, stories and character profiles.



The Meerkats have been learning about different materials with the help of some superheroes. They were surprised when Water Boy arrived to talk about some of his incredible adventures. He challenged them to write some instructions on how to make a superhero mask. Meerkats were eager to take up the challenge! They wrote some easy to follow instructions and then made some super masks of their own.

Water Boy also left them one of his favourite superhero stories – ‘Super Daisy and the Peril of Planet Pea,” by Kes Gray and Nick Sharratt. Meerkats loved the book and went on to write their own stories based around it. Amongst the titles were “Super Ben and the Planet Poop,” “Super Emma and the Planet Slugs, as well as “Super Milly and the Planet Frogs!” Well done Meerkats! Your stories were brilliant. The children studied the superpowers and personalities of Superman and The Incredible Hulk so that they could write some character profiles about the comic book duo.

Next week, the children will be looking at the Easter Story and no doubt, watching out for a glimpse of the Easter Bunny too!

Summer Term 1 will see The Meerkats writing letters, instructions and reports as part of the whole school Tinga Tinga project. They will be looking at the food, culture and geography of Africa. They will consider the similarities and differences between Africa and The United Kingdom.

Our Spelling Bee Challenge continues, with Ruby in the lead and Marshall not far behind. When children have a growing bank of words that they know and can spell, their writing skills go from strength to strength, so keep on practising!

Star Writer Trophy Winners – Spring Term 2

Crocodiles Meerkats

Rylan Coxon Casey-Leigh Woodburn

Bayan Najjar Marshall Denver

Well done!


Mrs Needham & Mrs Richardson




Crocodiles - Spring Term 2

Meerkat Party - February 2018