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The staff in this class are Mrs Needham and Mrs Richardson. Please feel free to see them if you have any questions or queries.


The Crocodiles have enjoyed learning about The Great Fire of London and used this learning to produce some wonderful stories, character profiles and poetry. They were inspired when a fantastic eyewitness from the past – Sir William Petty – came into school to tell them all about the incredible events that took place during the fateful fire way back in 1666. The children helped Sir William in a demonstration to show how the fire was able to spread so quickly once it had started in Thomas Fatynor’s bakery. They formed bucket chains to learn how Londoners fought the blaze – it was a tiring job!


The children have made delicious bread rolls, following a recipe that even Thomas Farynor would have been proud of!


Miss Whiteman from South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service came into school to talk with the children. She answered their questions about how fires are dealt with these days and the role of the modern day fire-fighter. They learned how fire fighters are highly trained to deal with, not only fires, but road traffic accidents, floods etc, as well as working within their communities to teach people how to stay safe and be aware of fire prevention strategies. It made us realise just how lucky we are to have such a wonderful emergency service on call 24 hours a day.


As part of our next topic – “Super Humans” we are looking forward to learning how to keep our bodies fit and healthy, as well as learning why it is important to keep gruesome germs at bay! We will write reports, poetry, instructions and character profiles linked to this learning.


The Meerkats have been learning about pirates and how they ruled the oceans. They held a pirate party and it was great fun. There was a treasure hunt and the children had to follow a series of clues to find out where Miss Moxon had hidden the treasure and Fingers, the parrott. There was ‘pin the eye-patch on the captain’ and finally, some fabulous pirate party food. The children have written their own pirate adventure stories, posters and character profiles as well as producing some colourful art work using different media.


In the next half term, our Meerkats will be learning about different materials with the help of some superheroes! They will read some amazing superhero stories to inspire them in their own story writing. Please continue to support your child with reading and spellings at home as this will really boost their writing skills and help them when structuring stories of their own.


Mrs Needham & Mrs Richardson




Meerkat Party - February 2018