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Welcome to Crocodiles & Meerkats


The staff in this class are Mrs Needham and Mrs Richardson. Please feel free to see them if you have any questions or queries.


Our travelling bear, ‘Ryecroft,’ has continued his whirlwind tour of the world, enlisting the aid of our Year 2 children to help him discover facts about the various countries and cultures he has encountered along the way. Crocodiles enjoyed writing reports about Islam and Pakistan and learned many interesting facts. They used their learning about Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest to write exciting stories about Ryecroft Bear and his adventures in colourful Rio de Janeiro. Moving along to Asia, Crocodiles used ‘bossy verbs’ to plan and write instructions to demonstrate how to make Chinese noodles. They tested their recipes by making and eating the noodles. How delicious they were!


Our Autumn Creative Day was a wonderful success with all of the children enjoying using a variety of media to produce some stunning art pieces. Bayan was particularly proud of the felt corn picture he sewed!


An unusual package from ‘Hobgoblin Potion Suppliers,’ was delivered to school by mistake this week. The package contained all manner of strange ingredients, such as dusty, powdered cobwebs, gruesome, green frog powder and troll bogies – ugh! The Crocodiles were inspired to invent and write instructions for their own imaginary potions. Mrs Needham is hoping that one of them will turn her into a beautiful princess!


This half term, Crocodiles will be learning why poppies are a national symbol of remembrance at this particular time of year. To promote our entrepreneurial skills, we will take part in a whole school project called ‘Make Your Money Grow’ - watch out Lord Sugar! As always, we aim to strengthen our basic writing skills so that our sentences are accurately punctuated and frequently used words are spelt correctly. Please remember to practise weekly spellings with your child as this will hugely benefit their writing ventures. Congratulations to Bayan, Elli-Mae, Maisie and Rylan who are currently joint leaders at the top of our ‘Spelling Bee Board,’ and Jackson for his fantastic writing on our WAGOLL Wall (What A Good One Looks Like). How proud we are of them!



Meerkats have enjoyed learning about different animals as part of their topic, “Let’s Go On A Safari!” They have produced some fantastic information booklets about the incredible animals they encountered at The Yorkshire Wildlife Park. One of the children’s favourite activities this term was writing instructions on how to make the best jam sandwiches. They got to follow their own instructions and eat the delicious end product. What a tasty treat! Congratulations to Casey-Leigh for having her writing on our WAGOLL Wall (What A Good One Looks Like). Keep up the good work!


The Meerkats have been learning about seasonal changes and a visit to Rosehill Junior School’s wildlife area was the perfect place to kick-start their investigations. They looked for signs of autumn and discussed its effect on the weather, wildlife and plants. The children also compared deciduous and evergreen trees. The first hand knowledge they gained helped them to write fantastic reports and poetry about autumn. They also produced some beautiful art work during our Autumn Creative Day.


This half term, Meerkats will be delving deep into space. They are sure to be inspired to write stories, character profiles and poetry that will be out of this world!


Mrs Needham & Mrs Richardson