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Welcome to Foundation Stage


Welcome to Foundation Stage. In Class 5 Mrs Sinclair is the class teacher and Miss Newsam the teaching assistant. In Class 6 Miss McClare is the class teacher and Mrs Tate is the teaching assistant. If you need any help or have any queries please come and see us.


This half term our topic is called ‘Move it! Move it!’ We will be learning about a variety of different modes of transport and talking about how we move around.

In Foundation Stage we will explore different types of emergency vehicles and what they are used for. We will hopefully have the opportunity to meet a special visitor who will talk to us about the job that they do and how they help to keep us safe. This will give us the chance to generate questions we would like to ask and to find out new and interesting facts.

As part of the topic we will be going on a local area walk to carry out a traffic survey. The children will learn ways to keep themselves safe near the road and the different types of vehicles on the road.

All of these experiences will give us a purpose for writing. We will have the opportunity to write about: our weekend news, visitors into school, our experiences of travel, keeping ourselves safe near the road and other modes of transport.

In mathematics we will be continuing to practice our addition skills and accurate one to one counting. Also we will be practicing finding the number that is one more/one less than a given number. In shape, space and measures our focus this half term will be on using vocabulary related to time, weight and capacity. We will also be learning the names of 3D shapes and their features.

After Christmas we will start to get changed for PE and all children will require a PE kit to be in school. Children will need shorts, t-shirts and PE pumps. Long hair must be tied back and all ear rings are to be removed.


PE days are as follows:

Wednesday 9th January

Monday 14th January

Wednesday 23rd January

Wednesday 30th January

Tuesday 5th February

Wednesday 13th February


How you can help your child at home:

  • Encourage your child to develop their independence when getting dressed and undressed (Including tights, socks and shoes) as they will be encouraged to get themselves ready for PE and changed after PE on their own.
  • Practise saying and writing letter sounds.
  • Writing cvc words such as cat, top, get, hot etc.
  • Writing simple sentences e.g. I am on the bus. (Extending sentence ideas when able)
  • Encourage children to use their phonic knowledge as they are sounding out each word.
  • Practise reading their book and key words as often as possible.
  • Practise recognising numbers to 20 and counting forwards and backwards.
  • Saying the number one more and one less than a given number.
  • Solving addition problems.


Next half term you will be receiving a maths home pack with ideas and activities to support your child in their mathematical development.



Thank you for your continued support


 Mrs Sinclair and Miss McClare