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School Council 2017-2018

School Council 2017-2018 1


The school councillors have upheld their duties around school demonstrating good manners, sensible behaviour and listening to their peers.


The councillors kicked off the New Year helping as promised with the ‘Happy New Year’ discos which proved to be another fabulous success. They helped with refreshments, clearing up and dancing with the little ones as well as helping on the photo booth which was a big hit with everyone! Thank you again school councillors!


Although the good manners certificates have proven to be very successful the councillors wanted to get some feedback on how children felt about playtime. They put together a short survey whereby they asked forty children from year one and year two a set of questions and asked if they had any suggestions as to how playtime could be improved. The results are as follows;-

Yes No

Do you feel safe in the playground ? 39 1

Do you like having toys/play equipment out? 33 7

Do you know where our playground rules are? 33 7

Do you have friends to play with at playtime? 37 3

Do you use the signs around the playground

To help you play? 32 8


Suggestions from the children;-

  1. Have various toys out in the playground

  2. Put cushions, books and anti-slip covering in the reading house.

    *One child said they didn’t feel safe when children ran close to them for fear of being bumped into.


    The councillors carried out a short assembly to remind children of the playground rules which are To Listen, Be Honest, Be Kind, Be helpful, To Not Hurt Others and to Play Well With Others. The councillors also used this opportunity to remind children that when the weather improves and toys/play equipment are in the playground that they MUST be used appropriately and safely. They have also made some colourful posters of the Playground Rules and put them up around school as an extra reminder. Hopefully playtime will continue to be happy and safe and the School Councillors can hand out their ‘Good Manners and Good Conduct’ awards.


    Keep up the good work next term school councillors!


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