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School Council 2017-2018

School Council 2017-2018 1

The school councillors have upheld their duties around school demonstrating good manners, sensible behaviour and listening to their peers.


As part of Year 2’s topic ‘Super Humans’, the councillors met with Linda Senior (Catering Manager at RMBC) to find out more about our school meals and how they are prepared. As the children are looking at how our bodies work and what we can do to stay healthy they thought it was important to understand the process of our school meals. They put together a list of questions such as Where do our meals come from? Who decides what meals go on the menu? They also asked Mrs Senior to explain in more detail what her job involved and if she enjoyed it. They learned lots of interesting facts about our school meals and how much consideration was given to making sure our school meals are healthy and safe on a daily basis. Mrs Senior kindly brought some samples of food from the school menu for the school councillors to try which went down a treat!


Mrs Senior was very impressed with their questions in particular Lilli-Mae’s suggestion to have a taster session for children to try foods from the menu that they had not had before to see if they liked it. This could help reduce food waste at lunchtime and encourage children to have something different from the menu. Mrs Senior agreed to arrange a meeting for this to happen next term.


School councillors have been on hand yet again for our end of term Easter Discos which have been a great success! They helped the little ones with dancing and games as well as being on hand to assist with refreshments. They also made some colourful posters with information about the discos and put them up around school. Thank you school councillors!


The school councillors continue to monitor playtimes, handing out their good conduct certificates to those children being kind and courteous to others. Hopefully we are over the snowy weather now so the school councillors have agreed to do a playground equipment audit and check everything is in order ready to be used again at playtimes.


Another busy and exciting term awaits so keep up the good work school councillors!


Meeting with Linda Senior to discuss school meals - 08.03.18

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