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The Great Ryecroft Reading Race



The great Ryecroft Reading Race  is our reading initiative to encourage the link between school and home reading. Parents and carers are our greatest partners in improving children’s reading and we want to reward this help and support.


In classrooms and cloakrooms each class has a ‘Reading Race’ track where every child has their own 'marker'. Foundation Stage have racing cars, Year 1 'athletics' and Year 2 'superheroes'. As children read at home their marker will move along the track collecting the 4 awards across the year.


Bronze Award – 50 Home Reads

Silver Award – 100 Home Reads

Gold Award – 200 Home Reads

Governors’ Award – 250 Home Reads


The ‘Home-School’ diary is our link to your home reading and the teacher’s individual reading with your child. Please make sure you always record and comment on your child’s reading. This is our key way of sharing information so you understand what school have been working on and school can see your feedback.


Reading books can be changed by parents either in the hall or in classrooms. Some ideas for your feedback and comments can be found below. Please ask your class teacher for any further reading advice.


We had lots of children last year reaching the bronze, silver and gold awards with some children even reaching 'governors award' status with 250 home reads - lets start again and see who gets to that finishing line!


Thank you for your continued support - Let's get reading!



Ideas For Home School Diary Feedback


Each time your child reads, it is important to comment on his/her progress.


Here is a list of comments and phrases to help


Please remember that these are only suggested comments and ideas and we appreciate the limited space available.


  • Made good attempts at sounding out unfamiliar words.
  • Asked relevant questions about the story and characters 
  • Enjoyed this book set by the sea. It reminded her of the Lighthouse Keeper books which we have read at home. –
  • Liked reading this book and looking at the illustrations. 
  • Very little help needed today.
  • Remembered many of the letter sounds and read lots of words independently.
  • Read the words on her key word list and in the book accurately. 
  • Paused correctly at full stops.
  • Shows understanding by answering simple and inferred questions.
  • Fluent and confident, showing enthusiasm and enjoyment.
  • Confused "b" and "d" sounds 
  • Self-corrected when reading
  • Recognised the exclamation mark and used expression
  • Read with expression, helped by using the punctuation
  • Recognising more words on sight
  • Using ‘special friends’ to decode words 
  • Aware of punctuation, including speech marks
  • Read to the end with no help whatsoever. 
  • Beginning to discuss the book and offer opinions
  • Read at a steady pace.
  • Predicting what will happen next
  • Able to make predictions about what might happen next.
  • Enjoyed the story and was keen to tell me about experiences
  • Lovely reading and only a little help needed today!
  • Read familiar words independently.
  • Able to predict what happens next in the text.
  • Read with good expression.
  • Worked out new words independently.
  • Worked out new words by sounding them out.
  • Discussed the story and characters well. 
  • Used the picture cues and the first sound of a word to work out words
  • Read with fluency and expression
  • Struggled to concentrate.
  • He/she made a number of errors because he/she was not looking carefully enough 
  • Able to read this book with lots of help

Wow what a finish to our Reading Race this year 2017 - 2018!


69% of children had read more than once per week at home (50 reads)

55% of children had read more than 100 times in 39 school weeks.

29% of children had read 200 times or more

16% of children had achieved a governors award reading more than 250 times!


Keep up the reading at home in the school holidays and we will begin our 2018 - 2019 race again in September!


Fantastic results this year!

Spring Term 1


Well done to all children who have received their Reading Race certificates so far this year. 


We have 105 children who have received their bronze certificate and prize.

We have 60 children who have received their silver certificate and prize.


This is fantastic, lets keep reading and see how many gold certificates we can get!