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Coming to school every day is very important as it supports children's learning. At Ryecroft we have a number of initiatives to support this, here are some of them.


Below is our class attendance table. Each week we will report which class has the highest attendance percentage that week. This will be announced in assembly each week and at the end of the school year the class with the best attendance will receive a certificate and special prize from Mrs Smyth.

Class Attendance

Week Ending - 23rd October 2020


Class Authorised Absences Unauthorised Absences Possible Attendance Actual Attendance
1 20 4 100% 91.8%
2 7 4 100% 95.8%
3 4 4 100% 96.8%
4 7 3 100% 96.2%
5 14 3 100% 94.3%
6 3 3 100% 97.9%

smiley   Class 6 - 97.9%  Well Done!   smiley


 Who will be next week's winners?..........


How do we reward good attendance in school?

100% Attendance

Every child who attends school for the whole month will be placed in a prize draw which will be chosen in assembly and win a prize.


100% Attendance Award for each Half Term

Each half term every child who attends school everyday will receive a half term certificate.

100% Attendance Award for Full Term

Each full term every child who attends school every day will receive a full term special bronze certificate.

100% Attendance for two Full Terms

Each child who attends school for two full terms will receive a special Silver certificate.

100% Attendance for the Full School Year

Each child who attends school everyday for the school year will receive a Gold certificate, a gift voucher and special prize from Mrs Smyth. 

Attendance Panel

Attendance punctuality will be monitored very closely throughout the year by the school, governors and the Education Welfare Office.


Holidays During Term Time

We ask that before you book these holidays in term time you consider the following:


  • An unauthorised absence in school time could lead to a fixed penalty notice of £60 per child per parent (£120 if not paid within 21 days)

  • Taking children out of school during term time will have an impact on their progress, academic achievement and well being.


    Leave of absence request forms must be completed and sent into school at least one week before a holiday is to be taken. The leave of absence forms along with our attendance policy can be found in the dispensers outside the school office or can be download from the school website.


    Attendance and punctuality is closely monitored throughout the year by the school and the Education Welfare Officer. If your child’s punctuality or attendance becomes a concern you will be invited to meet with the attendance panel to discuss this further.


    Below is a chart so you can see exactly how your child’s attendance affects their learning time.


100% Attendance

0 days of learning have been missed.




Your child has the best chance of success at school.

Excellent Attendance!


95% Attendance

1 week and 4 days of learning have been missed.


90% Attendance

3 weeks and 4 days of learning have been missed.




This is poor attendance. School is worried and monitoring your child’s attendance closely with the EWO.


85% Attendance

5 weeks and 3 days of learning have been missed.


80% Attendance

7 weeks and 3 days of learning have been missed.

This is very poor attendance, school is very concerned. You may be placed on the EWO’s caseload.

75% Attendance

9 weeks and 1 day of learning missed.


If you have any other questions regarding attendance or leave of absence then please see a member of staff.

Silver Attendance Awards - End of Spring Term 2