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Celebration Assembly

Celebration Assembly


Well done to all children mentioned in our celebration event this week. Your hard work and certificates are on show on our main school corridor.


Monday 1st March 2021


Olivia - For her fantastic writing about her hobbies.

Harrison - For his brilliant work on fingerprints.

Tobiah - For his excellent writing about his family.

Thomas - For his wonderful superhero costume with exciting gadgets.

Taylor - For her fantastic subtraction work in Maths.

Pippa - For her brilliant tally chart work in Maths.

Freya - For her wonderful sentence writing about her bedroom.

Olivia - For her excellent use of CVC words in a sentence.


Monday 22nd February 2021


Summer - For her excellent use of a number line to count back.

Isla - For her tricky Maths work on subtraction.

Eva - For her wonderful art work.

Max - For his careful use of < and > signs in Maths.

Darcie - For her amazing story inspired by 'Handa's Hen'

Terry - For his carefully written extended instructions.

Keedan - For his fantastic Maths calculations with money.

Georgia - For her superb fire engine with details on the wheels.


Monday 8th February 2021


Elsie - For her fantastic work on synonyms.

Mason - For his brilliant firefighter description.

Brayleigh - For her wonderful firefighter description.

Leyton - For his excellent work on 'time'.

Louis - For his fantastic work on time.

Kayla - For her brilliant Kenya report.

Winter - For her wonderful space rocket design.

Ella - For her excellent space rocket design.

Hunter - For his fantastic postcard writing.


Monday 1st February 2021


Joshua - For his amazing Maths addition work.

Piper - For her fabulous writing about the nurse.

Katie - For her spectacular African sunset art work.

Sophie - For her wonderful 'Get Well Soon' card.

Iyla - For her wonderful work on sharing and division.

Grace - For her brilliant African sunset picture.

Libby - For her contribution to Friday's dance lessons.

Lily - For her fantastic Fractions work in Maths.

Evie - For her beautifully presented character profile of Samuel Pepys.


Monday 25th January 2021


Carter - For his amazing report on the Great Fire of London

Erin - For her wonderful firefighter writing.

Ada - For her brilliant pen pal letter to a friend in Kenya.

Isabella - For her fabulous pen pal letter to a friend in Kenya.

Miller - For his wonderful Maths length comparisons.

Leo - For his amazing work on newspaper headlines.

Ethan - For his brilliant firefighter writing.

Maria - For her fabulous subtraction work.


Monday 18th January 2021


Olivia - For her brilliant house from 1666.

Imogen - For her excellent description of the setting of the Great Fire of London.

Tobiah - For his fantastic letter to King Charles.

Lillia - For her exciting story writing.

Abigail - For he delicious looking pancakes.

Jayce - For his fantastic map of his journey to school.

Charlotte - For her brilliant 'Winter' writing.

Jacob - For his excellent 'Promise' writing.

Daisy - For her beautiful rainbow painting.


Monday 11th January 2021


Tiana - For her wonderful writing with exciting word choices.

Mia - For her fabulous Great Fire of London painting.

Alicia - For her fantastic writing and exciting word choices.

Tyler - For your exciting writing about your favourite place to visit.

Joseph - For his brilliant letter to Akeyo.

Alfie - For his fantastic writing about his favourite place to visit.

Lola - For your amazing writing on your train ticket.

Dawson - For his brilliant writing about who he misses.

Lola - For her amazing writing and tricky word choices.


Monday 30th November 2020


Carter - for his amazing rocket model.

Olivia - for her excellent behaviour and fantastic effort.

Kray - for his brilliant dinosaur work.

Blake - for always listening in class.

Dennis - for always using his manners.

Henry - for his brilliant dinosaur work and labelling it.

Leyton - for his super underpants model.

Georgia - for trying really hard in phonics and being a sensible member of class 2.

Cian - for his super spellings.

Leo - for trying really hard with his reading.

Violet - for always showing beautiful handwriting

Xander - for using clear finger spaces in his writing.

Zekeriya - for getting all his year 1 spellings correct.

Leo P - for his amazing division work.


Monday 9th November 2020


Libby - for her fantastic spellings.

Alicia - for always trying her best and for doing fantastic potion instructions.

Layla-Mai - for her brilliant poppy artwork.

Rachel - for her lovely poppy writing.

Imogen - for her fantastic spellings.

Koray - for always trying hard in everything he does.

Xander - for his brilliant Guy Fawkes picture.

Annie - for her amazing spellings.

Eva - for working more independently all week.

Louie - for his brilliant Guy Fawkes drawing.

Max - for his lovely book he created over the holidays with great writing.

Erin - for her picture of a gingerbread man.

Hollie - for her lovely manners.

Lola - for her gingerbread recipe work.

Joshua - for good work in phonics.