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Celebration Assembly

Celebration Assembly


Well done to all children mentioned in our celebration assembly this week.


Tuesday 12th November 2019


Brogan - For her fantastic Poppy painting.

Layla - For her positive attitude to learning.

Megan - for her great Poppy picture and really taking her time.

Freddie - for trying hard with his handwriting and his lovely ideas.

Rhys - for great spellings.

Terry - for his Bonfire senses poem.

Freya - for trying really hard in maths.

Buster  - for fantastic spellings.

Jace  - for trying really hard with his work this week.

Esme - for her great Bonfire poem.

Kyan  - Spelling star of the week.

Max  - for excellent work in phonics.

Leo M - for receiving the celebration award this week.

India  - for sounding out words really well.

Arlo  - for working hard in phonics.


Tuesday 5th November 2019


Bobbie - For her excellent potion instructions and super spellings.

Danni-Ella - For her excellent listening skills.

Max G - For his fantastic Maths work.

Henry - For his super story ideas.

Rachel - For her fantastic Maths works - solving number facts.

Evie - For her positive attitude to learning.

Jack S - For his excellent spellings.

Alfie M - For his brilliant seasons picture.

Charlie H - For always trying hard.

Mia - For her excellent spellings.

Rubie C - For her great literacy work.

Brooklyn - For always doing the right thing.

Xander - For his brilliant gingerbread man.


Tuesday 15th October 2019


Rowan - For being a positive role model in school with an excellent attitude to learning.

Emmie - For her super spellings.

Jack T - For his brilliant pastel picture of the Great Wall of China

Freya W - For her super spellings

Jak - For trying really hard to improve his handwriting

Theo - For his brilliant Carnival picture.

Charley - For his fantastic Maths Addition and Subtraction work.

Imogen F - For being kind to others.

Harrison U - For trying hard in his spelling test.

Lexi - For trying really hard in read, write, inc.

Sofia - For her fantastic Maths work.

Eva - For trying hard with writing her name.

Alfie A - For his brilliant beanstalk picture.

Alfie S - For his fantastic shape picture.


Tuesday 8th October 2019


Laila - For her positive attitude to learning.

Jack T - For his excellent spellings.

Riley - For his amazing story.

Hannah - For always contributing her ideas.

Archie B - For his fantastic spellings.

Arianna - For her brilliant porridge instructions.

Leo P - For trying hard in his learning.

Charley - For his excellent spellings.

Elsie - For her fantastic porridge instructions.

Layla L - For trying hard in Maths and getting all the Maths Challenge correct.

Carter - For using his brilliant spellings in his work.

Katie - For her excellent Shape picture.

Jaicob - For always being helpful in Class 5.

Eadie - For her fantastic name writing.

Finley - For trying his best at writing.


Tuesday 1st October 2019


Lexey - For her excellent Christ the Redeemer picture.

Amelia M - For her positive attitude towards learning.

Harry - For his fantastic Spellings.

Ruby B - For her brilliant Mosque picture.

Amelia M - For always trying hard to complete her work to the best of her ability.

Hallie - For her brilliant Number Bonds Maths work.

Cal - For always trying his best in his learning.

Georgia T - For her excellent Spellings.

Cian - For his brilliant Number Bonds Maths work.

Elexis -  For her excellent Spellings.

Alfie S - For always being sensible and doing the right thing.

Ajay - For his brilliant collage picture of a pig.

Max - For his good listening in class.

Tyler - For his brilliant literacy work.

Ronnie - For his fantastic Name Writing.


Tuesday 17th September 2019


Rowan - For his fantastic report about Pakistan.

Lexey - For her positive attitude to learning.

Harry - For his brilliant spellings.

Georgina - For her lovely Maths work - adding 3 single digit numbers.

Max - For always doing the right thing and sharing his ideas.

Jasmine H - For her excellent spellings.

Jack D - For his fantastic Maths work - ordering numbers.

Jasmine Q - For her positive attitude to learning.

Tiana - For her brilliant spellings.

Olivia - For her lovely Maths work - sequences.

Keedan - For always trying his best with everything. 

Darcie G - For her brilliant Goldilocks and the Three Bears picture.

Leighla - For settling well into FS2.

Ruby K - For her fantastic Goldilocks and the Three Bears picture.


Wednesday 11th September 2019


Ava B - For her fantastic Princess picture.

Oliver - For always trying his best.

Alfie B - For his excellent postcard.

Georgina - For always contributing during carpet sessions.

Elsie P - For for brilliant Animal writing.

Sienna - For her positive attitude to learning.

Mason - For his fantastic Animal writing about Tigers.

Libby - For always being ready to learn and sitting smartly on the carpet.