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Class 1

Welcome to Class 1


Class 1 have created some amazing art pieces around our topic. We studied ‘Bodies in Motion’ and explored how artists such as Alberto Giacometti created moving effects through still images and sculptures. We thought carefully about how our own bodies move and used manikins to create different action stances. We then sketched these using our careful observation skills. 

We also thought about human facial features. How are we similar? How are we different? We created life-like self-portraits by carefully studying half of our face and recreating the other side with pencil. We had to use careful looking and think carefully about the size and shape of our features. Also, we looked at the work of Picasso and used his style as inspiration for some abstract self-portraits. I wonder if you can guess who’s who? 

Aside from physical appearances, we talked lots about looking after ourselves. As ‘Super Humans,’ we must take good care of our bodies, both inside and out. We explored hygiene and cleanliness and created our own plasticine germs, which we did some fabulous creative writing about. We also learned about healthy eating and considered whether our diets were balanced. In our writing lessons, we designed and made healthy wraps and wrote instructions to help others become healthier too. Would you like to try one? 


The Summer term will see Class 1 working on a whole school project called, ‘Picture This.’ The project is a fabulous opportunity to study the work of a famous artist and use this as a stimulus to inspire creativity across all subjects. This year’s picture is George Stubb’s Whistlejacket, which has fantastic links to the local area and we’re looking forward to seeing the amazing work that will be produced as a result!  


Miss Needham & Mrs Haworth