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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2


Welcome to Class 2. Mrs Blythe is the class teacher and Mrs Young is the teaching assistant. If you have any questions or queries please come and see me in class.


Class 2 have finished a really important term and Mrs Blythe is very proud of how hard they have worked and sensible they have been. She thinks they are AMAZING!


We have completed our ‘Picture This’ Topic where we have found out lots of information about castles, written stories inspired by castles and letters to the characters and people who live in castles! Our artwork is fantastic and we hope you will come to the exhibition to see what we have created. Don’t forget to stop us and ask about it!


To start our learning for our new topic ‘Home sweet home’ we have visited ‘The Deep’ in Hull to find out which creatures call the oceans and seas of the world home. It was a busy and exciting day and we particularly liked watching the divers feed the sea creatures. Visit our classroom to read our trip recounts.


In our final term at Ryecroft we have lots to do. Our topic involves us finding out about the different habitats around the world and which plants and animals live in them. We also have our graduation ceremony and celebrations to get ready for. Class 2 are looking forward to finding out more about Rosehill and the activities they will be doing before their move ‘up the road!’


Mrs Blythe & Mrs Young

Emily and baby Oliver came in to school to talk to the children about how to look after a baby.

Children in Need - 13.11.15

Cenotaph Visit - 11.11.15