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Class 3

Welcome to Class 3


To Infinity and Beyond 


I am really pleased with how well everyone has returned to school to start year 1 within the current circumstances. We have enjoyed our ‘Let’s go on a safari’ topic, learnt lots of new information about zoo animals and have had lots of opportunities to be creative.  


Next half term our topic is called ‘To infinity and beyond’. This topic focuses on space and historical links. The children will learn about Neil Armstrong and his experiences of landing on the moon. We will read stories about Aliens to enable us to write our own versions. There will be a very exciting event of an alien crash landing and this will lead into our Enterprise week. Parents and carers will receive a news paper report about what the class has created.  


In Literacy our writing will focus on Character descriptions, poetry and story writing. We will continue to work hard to use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. To make our writing more interesting we will be learning to use adjectives.  


In Mathematics we will be introducing Friday maths challenges which will help to develop our arithmetic skills. We will be introducing money, measurements and time as well as building upon our previous number skills.  


In Topic we will be learning about bonfire night and the traditions of how it is celebrated. We will have lots of opportunities to create Alien themed artwork using a variety of different media.  


Mr Butler, Mrs Beckham and Miss Laycock.