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Class 6

Welcome to Class 6


Miss McClare is the class teacher and Miss Newsam and Miss Khan are the teaching assistants. 


We hope you are well and keeping safe. We have enjoyed seeing all the learning you have been doing whilst at home on Dojo. It looks like you have been busy!


This half term our topic is called ‘Here, There & Everywhere!’ We will be learning about a variety of different homes. We will talk about the types of homes we live in and where animals choose to make their homes.

As part of our literacy this half term, we will explore a variety of texts both fiction and non fiction including one of our favorites ‘The Gruffalo’.  We will also have the opportunity to look at the life cycle of a chick this half term.

All of these experiences will give us a purpose for writing. We will have the opportunity to write about: The characters in the stories we have read, the life cycle of a chick and the homes we live in.  We will create simple fact files about different animals we have learnt about. Within all of this we will be working hard to write sentences using our phonic knowledge with finger spaces, capital letters and full stops.

In mathematics we will be recording using marks and creating simple tally charts based around our interests. We will talk about everyday language related to time and measuring short periods of time. We will be ordering numbers to 20 and practising saying the number one more or one less in simple games. We will make our own number line and use it to solve simple addition and subtraction problems by counting on and back.


How you can help your child at home:


  • Encourage your child to develop their independence when getting dressed and undressed (Including tights, socks and shoes)
  • Reading regularly at home and practising key words.
  • Practise saying and writing letter sounds and special friends and our full name.
  • Writing cvc words such as cat, top, get, hot etc.
  • Writing words containing 4 + sounds e.g. hand, stamp, lend, help etc.
  • Writing simple sentences with a capital letter, finger spaces and full stops.
  • Extending our simple sentence with the word ‘and’ to add more detail.
  • Encourage children to use their phonic knowledge as they are sounding out each word.
  • Learning our key words on a weekly basis and practising previously learnt words.
  • Saying the number one more and one less than a given number to 20.
  • Solving addition and subtraction number sentences using a number line to count either forwards or backwards.


Thank you for your continued support


 Miss McClare and Miss Horsfield