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Crocodiles & Sharks

Crocodiles & Sharks


Mrs Needham and Mrs Atkinson work with the children in our ‘Ready To Learn’ Groups, better known as… the Crocodiles and Sharks!  Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to come and speak with them.


It has been a very busy half term for Ryecroft, (our travelling bear), during his epic, whirlwind tour of the world.  He has contacted us at various stages during his travels and has enlisted the aid of our Year 2 children to help him discover facts about the various countries and cultures he has encountered along the way. Crocodiles enjoyed writing reports about Islam and Pakistan and learned many interesting facts.  They used their learning about Brazil and the Amazon Rainforest to write exciting stories about Ryecroft Bear and his adventures in colourful Rio de Janeiro. The hungry, little bear was eager to know about traditional food in Asia so the Crocodiles used ‘bossy verbs’ to plan and write instructions to demonstrate how to make Chinese noodles. They tested their recipes by making and eating the noodles.  How delicious they were!


The children have also looked at different styles of letters and used their skills to write to a pen-pal in the group.  The book, ‘Mr Elephant’s Rio Tour,’ inspired the Crocodiles to write travelling adventure stories of their own after Mr Elephant’s magical umbrella was found in the classroom!


An unusual package from ‘Hobgoblin Potion Suppliers,’ was delivered to school by mistake last week.  The package contained all manner of strange ingredients, such as dusty, powdered cobwebs, gruesome, green frog powder and troll bogies – urgh! The Crocodiles were inspired to invent and write instructions for their own imaginary potions.  Ever hopeful, Mrs Needham is imagining that one of them will transform her into a beautiful princess!



In the next half term, Crocodiles will be learning why poppies are a national symbol of remembrance at this particular time of year.   We will visit the local war memorial on Rawmarsh Hill and hold a small Remembrance service.  This learning will be used as a vehicle to strengthen our basic writing skills.  We aim to write sentences that are accurately punctuated with frequently used words spelt correctly. We are thrilled when our children draw pictures at home and write captions to go with them, so please continue to encourage your children in their wonderful writing ventures.


Your child will benefit hugely if you help them to practice their weekly spellings.  Congratulations to Urban and Molly who are the current leaders at the top of our ‘Spelling Bee Board,’ and to Ellie, Charlea, Ava Kadie-Mae, Grace and Urban for having their fantastic writing displayed on our WAGOLL Wall (What A Good One Looks Like).  We feel very proud of them!


Sharks have been working on number skills and using addition and subtraction to solve everyday problems, including money. They have been finding halves, thirds and quarters of numbers, shapes and objects.  In addition, they have been learning how to sort and analyse data using tally charts, pictograms and block graphs. Grace, Ruby, Jordan, Emmie, Megan and Ellie are the stars of our Maths WAGOLL Wall (What A Good One Looks Like) and have really shown resilience and great reflective skills to solve some tricky maths challenges – well done!  It is really important for our Sharks to sharpen up their quick-fire mental mathematics and it’s always appreciated if you could encourage children to do this at home too. Here are some of the things we have been working on:


Pairs of numbers that add up to 10, 20 and 100

2 times table

5 times table

10 times table

Doubling numbers to 20 – e.g. double 1 is 2, double 2 is 4 etc

Halving even numbers from 2-20


Our Meerkats have enjoyed literacy activities based upon the story, Farmer Duck.  They enjoyed describing the characters in the story, especially Farmer Duck and Farmer Frank.  They helped the lazy, old farmer to mend his ways by assigning jobs around the farm fairly so that the hard work was shared equally by all. The children enjoyed making masks of the characters in the story and are writing instructions to explain how they made them.


In the next half term, our Meerkats will be basing their writing around some rather unusual superheroes… so watch this space!