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Crocodiles & Sharks

Welcome to Crocodiles & Sharks


Hi! We’re Mrs Needham and Mrs Atkinson and we work with the children in our ‘Ready To Learn’ Groups, better known as… the Crocodiles and Sharks! Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to come and speak with us.


We’re very much looking forward to meeting our new groups after the summer break and getting to know each other. We will take time to settle the children back into school life so that they feel happy and ready to return to their learning. As a school, our curriculum drivers are designed to enhance the National Curriculum, providing rich, creative learning opportunities to excite our children’s imaginations and broaden their horizons.


With these priorities in mind, our geography topic is the perfect learning vehicle to boost the writing skills of our Crocodiles as they follow Ryecroft Bear on his journey “Around the World in 40 days.” They will learn about a number of countries that he will visit along the way, writing reports, letters, instructions and stories. We hope that you will join us in encouraging the children to use capital letters and full stops appropriately, work on their letter formation and handwriting skills and use a variety of words to extend sentences (because, so, but, if, when).


Our Sharks will be working on developing their basic number skills, including, ordering numbers, halving and doubling, investigating odd and even numbers alongside addition and subtraction. It would be wonderful if you could encourage the children to practise the following mathematical skills:


Counting backwards and forwards from any number

Quick re-call of pairs of numbers that add up to 10, 20 and 100

2 times table

5 times table

10 times table

Doubling numbers to 20 – e.g. double 1 is 2, double 2 is 4 etc

Halving even numbers from 2-20


We’re raring to go and looking forward to an exciting year of learning, so watch this space!