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Welcome to Crocodiles & Sharks


How fantastic it is to be back together again! The children have loved catching up with their friends and have quickly got back into their familiar routines – hooray!


Crocodiles have been working on an exciting topic called, ‘Super Humans.’ Last week, the children made imaginary germs out of plasticine and then wrote character profiles about them.  They thought of weird and wonderful things that their germs would do to us if they got inside our bodies.  Carter decided that his germ would make our hair turn all the colours of the rainbow, but Harrison decided that his germ would give everyone a whiffy bottom! Oh no! It’s been a fun way to learn about germs and how to keep them at bay.


The children enjoyed writing about an unusual elephant called Mrs Large who needed help getting to grips with a sensible diet and healthy lifestyle choices. This week, the children will be putting their knowledge into practice by planning and writing instructions on how to make a healthy snack that Mrs Large and everyone else will enjoy.  


Summer Term 1 will see the Crocodiles working on a whole school project called ‘Picture This.’ The project is a fabulous opportunity to study the work of a famous artist and use this as a stimulus to inspire creativity across all subjects. This year’s picture is George Stubb’s Whistlejacket, which has fantastic links to the local area and we’re looking forward to seeing the amazing work that will be produced as a result.


Our Spelling Bee Challenge has carried on from where we left off, with Keedan in the lead and Nola and Charlie not far behind. When children have a growing bank of words that they know and can spell, their writing skills go from strength to strength, so keep on practising!



In mathematics, Sharks have particularly enjoyed learning about shape and data handling. In the new term, the children will continue to work on their arithmetic skills. They will practise and consolidate learning in areas such as data handling, worded mathematical problems, money, shape, space and measures.


Star Trophy/Medal Winners – Spring Term 2


Crocodiles                                        Sharks

Harrison U                                                              Mia F

Keedan G                                                                Alicia E

Isabella H                                                               Lexi W


Well done!


Mrs Needham