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Welcome to Foundation Stage


Welcome to Foundation Stage. Mrs Sinclair and Miss Smith are the Class Teachers and Mrs Tate and Mrs Heald the Teaching Assistants. Come and see us if you have any questions or queries.


Next half term our topic will be ‘Creepy Crawlies!’ We will be exploring many texts with minibeasts as the characters for example, ‘The hungry caterpillar,’ ‘The very busy spider,’ and ‘The bad tempered lady bird.’ We will also be looking at a selection of non-fiction texts and learning facts about different minibeasts. In our writing we will be learning to write simple stories with minibeasts as the characters and writing our own simple non-fiction texts.


The children will be lucky enough to go on a minibeast hunt to the juniors wild area area. This will be a fantastic chance for children to see examples of minibeasts up close and learn about where they live.


On Thursday 8th June we will be going on a whole school visit to ‘The English Institute of Sport,’ to take part in our annual sports day. Here the children will have the opportunity to practise all the different skills that they have learnt in PE this year.


In Mathematics the children will continue to build on their problem solving skills. We have lots of exciting lessons planned such as who can make the best ramp for their car to travel the furthest distance. We will continue to practise solving one more and one less problems and counting on and back to find the answer.


The children really enjoyed being creative last half term for our ‘Picture This’ topic. Some fantastic work was produced which was of a very high standard. This work will be display during the picture this exhibition this half term. Don’t miss it!


As part of our circle time and dinosaur school sessions we will be talking about changes and new beginnings to prepare the children for their transition into year one. We wish all the children a happy summer holidays and all the best of the luck in the future.


Mrs Sinclair & Miss Smith

30.06.17 - Releasing the Butterflies

Special Visitor to Class - 25.05.17


Classes 5 and 6 have been learning about how to keep our teeth healthy as part of this half terms ‘Picture this’ topic. We were very lucky to have a visit from one of our parents that works in a dentist and she told us all about how to take care of our teeth. We learnt about how long to brush our teeth for, how to time ourselves for 2 minutes, the best way to brush our teeth in a circular movement and the sorts of food that are not good for our teeth. We have all practised brushing our teeth using the methods we have learnt about this week and have loved playing at being ‘dentists’; in the role-play area. Classes 5 and 6 have all promised to make sure we brush our teeth 2 times every day and we are going to be careful about what we eat so that we have nice, healthy and clean teeth to make the tooth fairy very happy.

How to Brush our Teeth - 22.05.17

Making Fruit Salad - 08.05.17

Firefighter Visit

Lollypop Lady Visit - 25.01.17

Local Area Walk - 23.01.17

Children in Need Day - 18.11.16

Ice Experiments - 3.11.16

Visit from the Giant in Foundation - 10.10.16

Singing with Mr Simpson - 07.10.16

Making a Troll Collage