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Meet the Governors

The Role of a Governor


School Governors are people from the school/local community who want to make a positive contribution to children’s education. They must be aged 18 or over at the time of their appointment. They are elected to serve on the Governing Body for a set period of time.


Governors come from all different backgrounds and all have various knowledge and experience needed to help the Head Teacher make the right decisions for the school.  Together they are known as the Governing Body. 


Governors have an important part to play in raising school standards through their three key roles of setting strategic direction, ensuring accountability and monitoring and evaluating school performance.


The Governing Body

The Governing Body at Rawmarsh Ryecroft Infant School has a total of 11 Governors: 

The membership is as follows:

2 Parent Governors
1 Local Authority Governor
The Head Teacher
1 Staff Governor
6 Co-opted Governors


This is called the Constitution of the Governing Body.


The Governing Body is responsible for the conduct of its school, education of pupils, Safeguarding, Health & Safety and must promote high standards of educational achievement for all pupils. They achieve this by setting the following framework:

>   Setting suitable aims and objectives
>   Agreeing policies, targets and priorities
>   Monitoring and reviewing aims, objectives and policies to ensure targets are   

Governing bodies are required to meet formally a minimum of three times a year. 


Governors attend Full Governors meetings each term and many other supplementary meetings related to Finance, Premises, Staff and Curriculum.


At Ryecroft we do not have separate committees – all Governors participate in and are responsible for all decisions made. Meeting dates are set in advance and meetings generally last between two and three hours.

Each Governing Body has a Clerk who will organise meetings, ensure Governors receive relevant up to date information and produce accurate minutes from each meeting held.


Mr C Oxer

Chair of Governors (Co-opted)

Appointed - May 2017 by the governing body.

Term of Office - 09.07.20 - 08.07.24

Business Interest - Governor at Rosehill Junior School

Attendance 2019/20 - 91%



Mr N Quhill

Vice Chair of Governors (Co-opted)

Appointed - March 2018 by the governing body.

Term of Office - 09.07.20 - 08.07.24

Business Interest - No business/pecuniary/material interest(s)

Attendance 2019/20 - 73%



I have lived in Rawmarsh for the past 7 years, and have a child currently attending Ryecroft Infant School.  As well as being a parent I am also a multidisciplinary practitioner with experience in government departments, local authorities, charities and community organisations. I have many years’ experience of working successfully within the public sector to achieve shared goals and visions. I am hoping that I can bring my public sector experience into a local setting in support of the community that I live in.




Mrs K Blythe

Acting Headteacher

Appointed - March 2010

Term of Office - 20.02.18 - 19.02.22

Business Interest - No business/pecuniary/material interest(s)

Attendance 2019/20 - 100%


I am in my 19th year of teaching with the last 12 years spent as Deputy and Acting Head at Ryecroft. Previously I have worked for 2 other local authorities and in 3 diverse primary schools. For the last 15 years I have been part of school leadership, coordinating literacy, maths and computing alongside other subject areas. I have also been the Special Needs and Disabilities Co-ordinator and led whole school projects and national initiatives. I mentor students, NQT’s and also moderate for Rotherham. 


My specialism is Key Stage 1 and, in particular, Year 2 where I have taught for several years. After completing my NPQH, my current role as Acting Head allows me to build upon my foundations of leadership and develop our school for the future. Being a governor at Ryecroft gives me the opportunity to present both a staff and SLT perspective to the governing body whilst supporting them in maintaining a current picture of how the school is moving forward.  


Mr Martin Wagstaff

Co-opted Governor

Appointed - March 2010

Term of Office - 01.10.18 - 30.09.22

Business Interest - No business/pecuniary/material interest(s)

Attendance 2019/20 - 45%


I have been proud to serve the local community for more than 20 years as Deputy Head and Head Teacher of Rosehill Junior School prior to my retirement at the end of the 2019/2020 Summer Term.


I feel proud to be a governor at Ryecroft school and I am committed to collaborating with colleagues, families and other partners to ensure excellent opportunities and achievement for all our children.


Father Alan Parkinson

Co-opted Governor

Appointed - October 2009

Term of Office - 01.10.18 - 30.09.22

Business Interest - No business/pecuniary/material interest(s)

Attendance 2019/20 - 45%


Born in 1940 in Lancashire and brought up in a one parent family, I trained as a teacher at St John's College, York and taught for thirty years in Liverpool, Brighton and Sheffield. I finished up as Head of Department. Then appointed as Diocesan Advisor for RE and Worship. I qualified as an Ofsted Inspector. I served on many governing bodies and became Assistant Provost at Worksop College. I support the Arts teaching and give some help with Religious Education. Having been  the local parish priest for 8 years, I am able to bring my pastoral skills to the school, to support staff, both teaching and non teaching, parents and children.


Mrs Julie Tate

Co-opted Governor

Appointed - January 2013

Term of Office - 01.10.18 - 30.09.22

Business Interest - No business/pecuniary/material interest(s)

Attendance 2019/20 - 100%


I joined the governing body in 2012 and became the designated SEN governor. I have worked in school for 14 years and currently work as a teaching assistant in Foundation Stage which I thoroughly enjoy. Part of my role involves supporting children with special educational needs and ensuring that all their needs are met. I work hard to ensure children reach their full potential regardless of their background and individual barriers to learning. All children including those with SEN are well supported within the school.


Before becoming a teaching assistant I worked for Rotherham Health Authority for 13 years in Podiatry and then Sterile Services. Volunteering at Ryecroft whilst my son was in reception prompted my decision to pursue a career as a teaching assistant and I am proud to be part of the school!


     Mr S Holmes

Co-opted Governor

Appointed - September 2020 by the governing body.

Term of Office - 03.09.2020 - 02.09.24

Business Interest - Acting Headteacher and Governor at Rosehill Junior School

Attendance 2019/20 - N/A


I am Scott Holmes, Head Teacher at Rosehill Junior School. I have been proud to serve the local community in Rawmarsh working at Rosehill for 9 years now, being a member of it's governing board for 7 years. 

I have been a member of two other governing boards in the past, holding a range of roles and responsibilities, including being a member of several sub-committees, such as Health & Safety, Finance, Safeguarding and Assessment. 


I strive to utilise my skills and experience to support the governing board in the further strengthening and development of the school, promoting it's positive ethos and ensuring a strong level of challenge is maintained to ensure continued school improvement



Miss Karla Paisley

Parent Governor

Appointed October 2020

Term of Office - 01.10.20-30.09.24

Business Interest - Teacher at East Dene Primary School

Attendance 2019/20 - N/A


I have worked in education for most of my adult life in various roles including being a teaching assistant, SEN teaching assistant and currently for the past 10 years teaching at a primary school in Rotherham, predominantly in year 2. As part of this role I also help to moderate the end of KS1 assessments in many different schools in Rotherham, which I have done for many years.  


I hope my professional experience in teaching at an infant level will be of great benefit to the school and I will dedicate my time to being a proactive and effective school governor. I will look to work with parents, teachers, the Head and other Governors to help drive the continued improvement needed to provide our children with the best chance of success.


Mrs Jane Abbott

Parent Governor

Appointed October 2020

Term of Office - 01.10.20-30.09.24

Business Interest: - Employed by Early Help at RMBC and also a 

Governor at Rawmarsh Children's Centre. 

Attendance 2019/20 - N/A


My name is Jane Abbott and I have two children, one being at Rosehill Juniors and the other just starting FS2 here at Ryecroft Infant school. I am originally from Rawmarsh where as a child I attended both of the above schools. After moving away for a short time I returned to Rawmarsh in 2003 to settle and start my own family.


I have been employed by Rotherham Council for the last 14 years in various educational roles and I currently work within Children’s Services as part of the Early Team working with families, schools and other agencies to promote opportunities for achievement for all children 0-19. My  role is to advocate on behalf of children and their families to offer support and guidance on a range of educational and well-being needs . Through my work I have an extensive knowledge of Individual Education plans and Educational Health Care Plans as well as other areas of learning and support.


I promise that whilst offering to support the school needs to ensure that the strategic development of the school is achieved, I will also take the approach of a critical friend through the asking of questions and challenging the work of the head teacher and the senior leadership team to ensure that the school is not only achieving for every child, but that it is constantly striving to exceed for every child’s needs.


Miss N Davies

Clerk to Governing Body

Appointed - November 2017 by the governing body

Term of Office - 13.11.17 - Present

Business Interest - No business/pecuniary/material interest(s)

Attendance 2019/20 - 100%


I joined Ryecroft Infant School as a Receptionist/Clerk to Governors in November 2017.


I have lived in Rawmarsh all my life and both my children have attended Ryecroft Infant School.


I have over 20 years experience working in administration in a variety of roles and am thoroughly enjoying my role here at Ryecroft.