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As you’re probably aware, Ryecroft is aiming to become an ‘Idle-Free Zone.”


What Is Idling?

Idling occurs when a vehicle’s engine is left running while it is parked or stationary for a period of longer than 30 seconds. You can imagine the number of toxic pollutants that fill the air as a result.  Idling vehicles in our school zone can be hard on our children’s young, developing lungs, especially as the pollutants are linked to asthma and other health problems. Increased emissions are also impacting on our planet’s health too.


The School Councillors are taking this issue very seriously and recently planned and took part in a special assembly to raise awareness amongst their peers.  They carried out a leaflet campaign and asked parents and carers to support the scheme by making a pledge to make Ryecroft an Idle-Free Zone.  Our determined councillors even took to the streets to get their message across!


What Can You Do To Help?

You can help reduce the air pollution around our school by doing the following:-


  • Turn off your engine when dropping off or picking up children from school.
  • Consider local residents when parking – they need access to their properties and have the right to a fume free environment too!
  • Take up cycling, (we have a bike and scooter shelter on site) and walk whenever you can – it’s a great way to get those steps in!
  • Think about car share/walk share or public transport as an alternative.
    Please support Ryecroft’s No Idling campaign and turn off your engine!  Together, we can make a real difference to the health of children and our planet.  Let’s improve the quality of the air we all share!
    Thank you.