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Sharks, Crocodiles & Dragons

Welcome to Sharks, Crocodiles & Dragons!


Crocodiles were incredibly busy last half term.  As part of their work about ‘Healthy Bodies’ they learned the importance of keeping germs at bay and wrote some useful instructions on how to wash hands properly and how to keep teeth clean and cavity free.


As part of the local authority ‘Picture This’ project, the whole school has studied an abstract piece of art by Paul Klee, called Castle and Sun. The picture has inspired a variety of work across the curriculum. Crocodiles thoroughly enjoyed learning about the features of castles and produced some wonderful non-chronological reports about them.  This spurred them on to create their own castle and dragon themed stories too.


A visit to Rosehill Victoria Park was a real treat, particularly as the weather favoured us all and shone brightly all day.  Check out our gallery to see photographs of the activities we did there. We’re sure that our forthcoming trip to ‘The Deep’ will be just as fabulous.  It is sure to fire up our imaginations and help us to produce some amazing, creative writing.


This half term is set to be equally busy with plans for a Lego workshop day, celebrations to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday and a trip to the English Institute of Sport. Exciting changes are afoot for our Crocodiles and Sharks as they prepare for their graduation and transition from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2. They have worked incredibly hard to achieve their goals this year and deserve all the success in the world.  We’re very proud of them all.




Dragons have worked creatively last half term to produce some fantastic art pieces inspired by the abstract paintings of Paul Klee. They have worked on lines, patterns, colours and geometrical shapes. We hope you will visit our exhibition to admire all their hard work.


This half term, Dragons will be investigating materials with the help of some special superheroes! They will learn to identify a variety of materials, such as wood, metal, plastic, glass etc. and everyday objects made from them.


As scientists, Dragons will investigate and compare the properties of these materials.  They will have the opportunity to sort natural and man-made materials, study the pulling force of magnets and investigate transparent and waterproof materials.  As artists, they will be making observational drawings and using natural and man-made materials to make 3d sculptures.


Mrs Needham & Mrs Richardson

Sharks & Crocodiles


Week 1 - 4